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A Summer Trails staff member with two campers.
A Summer Trails staff members holding bubbles.
Summer Trails staff members dressed in matching t-shirts.
A Summer Trails staff member helping a camper.
A Summer Trails staff member reading a book to a camper.

What Makes You Special

The best camp counselors embody a fun-loving spirit, emit a positive energy, are ready to participate alongside our campers and are not afraid to act a little silly.

We seek staff that are even-tempered, empathetic in nature, open minded and patient.

Our staff are committed to the Summer Trails philosophy.  We work together as a team to build confidence and self-esteem in our campers.

Kindness makes the world go round.  Our staff are caring and responsible individuals who are ready to have fun and be a positive role model.

What Makes Us Special

  • 1/3 of our staff have had the experience of being a Summer Trails camper themselves
  • 85% of our staff choose to return each year
  • 50% of our staff team are true adults over the age of 18
A group of Summer Trails staff jumping into a pool.


How is a summer camp job more than just a job?

Camp is a place where our staff will be able to have fun, learn, grow, gain skills, socialize, build their resume, and more — all while being paid!  Our leadership team is here to coach and support our staff so they can grow from the camp experience along with out campers.

What can I expect from working at Summer Trails?

  1. To gain unbelievable experiences working with children

  2. Improve your leadership skills

  3. To work as a team

  4. Gain a better understanding of child development

  5. To be sad when the summer is over

  6. To have a favorite camper

  7. To work hard,  really hard

  8. To act silly

  9. To play outside in the (liquid) sunshine

  10. To be tired at times

  11. To feel proud when “your” campers accomplish something new

  12. To try something new

  13. To gain new friendships

  14. To feel excited, scared, nervous, and happy all at the same time

Can I use my summer camp job as a paid internship or receive college credit?

YES!  Camp really is the best internship in the world! Staff learn pertinent skills that they can apply to their future careers as well as soft skills and life skills that simply aren’t taught in the classroom.  Camp is natural fit for those who want to be future educators or work with youth to gain experience.  Additionally, all students looking to enhance their resume should consider working at camp.  Top companies are looking for their staff to have the exact skills that our staff gain while working at camp: communication, empathy, critical thinkers, collaboration, problem solving, social responsibility and leadership.

How old do I have to be to work at camp?

All staff are required to be 16 years of age or older. More than half of our staff are over the age of 21. Additionally, 1/3 of our staff were one time Summer Trails Campers.  We are really proud that so many of our campers want to continue to be part of our community and give back to today’s youth.  We hire staff who live locally and have a reasonable daily commute to camp.  Additionally, we hire a select group of international staff representing countries from all over the world that live on off site camp provided housing.  Summer Trails is an equal opportunity employer.

Is there a dress code?

Summer Trails provides staff with new Summer Trails t-shirts each summer.  We ask that a Summer Trails t-shirt is worn everyday as well as a bathing suit and sneakers.

What is a typical day?

Regular staff hours are from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm. Some staff work extended morning hours starting at 7:15 am and some staff work extended evening hours until 6:30 pm. Each day is made up of a variety of scheduled activity periods. The camp schedule is very routine, but at the same time we are full of surprises and special events, which make no two days alike.

Summer Trails has been one of the greatest parts of my life, and has been my summer home since 1999.

Jeremy Rodriguez

Being a part of Summer Trails has changed my entire life path. I am so lucky to be part of the camp life!

Alec Zuch

I would like to express how much I enjoy working here year after year because of the wonderful people I get to work with. I have lifetime friends and memories.  Summer Trails is a fulfilling experience each summer.

Sierra Mancuso

It is heartwarming to know that my son is a part of something that brings smiles to kids’ faces.  I also believe these kids brought the same to my son as he always thrives when he is working at camp. Thank you for your reassuring guidance.

Mother of Staff Member Kevin Mantell

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