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What is Summer Trails philosophy?
Summer Trails is committed to empowering children. Our goal is to build confidence and self-esteem by reinforcing positive human values. We achieve that goal through cutting-edge programming implemented by a carefully selected and fully trained staff whose investment in children, like our own, is unparalleled.

Where is Summer Trails located?
Summer Trails is located in Granite Springs, NY (a hamlet of Somers township). We are located in Northern Westchester County.

What about the staff?
Summer Trails employs top notch counselors seasonally. All staff are required to be 16 years of age or older. More than half of our staff are over the age of 21 and 1/3 of our staff are one time Summer Trails Campers. We hire staff who live locally and have a reasonable daily commute to camp.

What about the campers?
Our campers attend camp for a variety of different program lengths throughout the summer. Each day boys and girls from 3-14 years of age participate in our program.

What are the dates of employment?
Staff are employed for the entire 8 week season. Participation in 3 Saturday orientation sessions in June is also required. Some specialty staff may be asked to be available for additional hours in order for more intensive training in their area to take place.

What is the salary range?
Salary ranges depending on position, year in school, and experience at Summer Trails.

What is the difference between group counselor and activity specialist positions?
Activity specialists lesson plan, instruct and run a particular activity for which they have been hired. The group counselor will move with his/her group from activity to activity, participating and assisting the activity specialist.

What about time off?
All staff are expected to be at camp on time daily for the entire period that they have been contracted for. During the camp day all staff will receive one period break. A break area has been designed for you to relax, enjoy a beverage, read a book, make a phone call, etc. Additionally, with the pool director's approval staff may use their break to cool off in the swimming pools.

What about religious affiliation?
Summer Trails is a non denominational camp and does not hold services on any day throughout the summer.

Is there a dress code?
Summer Trails requires that staff wear Summer Trails t-shirts everyday and that all staff apparel is rated G (logos, text, etc). Tattoos and body piercing should be discussed.

What is a typical day?
Regular staff hours are from 8:30 am until about 4:30 pm. Some staff work extended morning hours starting at 7:15 am and some staff work extended evening hours until 6:30 pm. Each day is made up of a variety of scheduled activity periods. The camp schedule is very routine, but at the same time we are full of surprises and special events, which make no two days alike.

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