The EDGE Program is designed to meet the continued learning needs of today’s youngster. EDGE works with campers across the education spectrum to provide academic skills and advancement. The tutorials are taught by educators, hand-picked from the Summer Trails team, who develop and create an individualized learning program to help your child excel. Lessons are taught in small groups and organized into 45 minute blocks at the conclusion of our regular camp day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Flexible enrollment allows you to enroll for the number of sessions you choose. This is the ideal learning opportunity for children that have summer homework to complete and for children who could benefit from continued educational reinforcements.

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We are excited to partner Camp Summerset for a FULL DAY combined educational and recreational camp experience. Start the day at Camp Summerset in the morning for a creative program of reading and writing. Then, hop on the bus to Summer Trails for an afternoon of swimming, sports, and creative arts. Summer Trails Summerset Combo Inforamtion